Relax. Relate. Release.

The proven system to ACTUALLY work through your Anxiety & Depression.


Are you tired of searching for resource after resource for something to help you work through your anxiety and depression that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket?

*This resource has been curated by a certified therapist.



The first step of our three-part proven formula is to learn to relax in overwhelming situations.


Step two is to identify and relate the stimuli in your external environment with your internal feelings.


And the final step is to release the unpleasant emotions and regain control of your life.

A digital journal + guide to help you work through your anxiety and depression with action steps that you can track. The journal has been curated by a therapist to remove barriers and provide easy access to those that need help.

Curated with Intention,

for the Intentional...

This journal wasn’t just pushed out half-heartedly. Instead, it was made and remade and reviewed by several therapists to give you what you deserve the absolute best

Hi, I'm Rhea

The curator of this awesome-sauce resource. I run a private mental health practice - "Mind, Body, & Spirit Marriage Family Therapy" which is an inclusive space for the black and brown community to feel heard and supported. The approach I adopt in my everyday practice is also what I used while curating this journal - a holistic approach that helps your mind, body, and spirit work together to uplevel and explore your best version.

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